A new retail system was devised, the verbal identity was developed and strategic messages were drafted.

Where to start?

We began to build on the pillars of the brand: local commerce that adapts to times of crisis; super accessible pricing policy; a team of professionals and opticians close to us; and state-of-the-art technology.

Simplification of the logo

The logo and the entire visual identity were conceived using minimalist resources, with the purpose of transmitting efficiency, cleanliness, closeness and contemporaneity. From this base, several brand applications have been developed, both for the e-commerce platform and for retail. In addition, the ritual associated with the delivery of a pair of glasses has been carefully designed, from the packaging for the home fitting to the details, such as the chamois and bags.

Brand colors and typography

The essence of Miller & Marc is revealed through personal stories that embody its ethos as an independent firm. This ethos must be clearly reflected in all communications, leaving a lasting impression in the client's mind. We want them to associate Miller & Marc with authenticity, freedom and expression of self, values intrinsic to every individual.

In tune with this narrative, the warm color palette we selected further accentuates the sense of closeness and support, creating an emotional connection with the audience. The typography we chose not only reflects its distinctive design character, but also communicates the uniqueness and creativity that define Miller & Marc.

In short, through inspiring stories and a visual aesthetic that embraces warm colors and expressive typography, we want every interaction with Miller & Marc to be an experience that celebrates authenticity, freedom and the expression of self.

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WEB Application

We created original and transparent content for the website: with a section dedicated to responsibility and traceability, where we found the brand's manifesto and its commitment. All supported by a homepage about Miller & Marc's responsible projects.

Retail spaces

So much so, Miller & Marc opticians had to be at the forefront of a responsible lifestyle experience. Materials are the protagonists of each proposal.

Throughout the optical store, the consumer receives information about the products, processes and materials used to manufacture the eyewear through the use of signage, displays, infographics and videos.

Whenever possible, we like to have a differential cabinet with clean and welcoming light so that the optician-customer relationship is close and fluid. The use of modern technology maximizes professionalism and generates in the consumer a perception of safety with key messages about diagnosis, responsibility and commitment to health.

Shopping experience

Packaging is the fundamental point of contact between the brand and its public. The impact that the brand should represent at the point of sale. Finding the balance between achieving brand recognition (against the competition) and offering a varied graphic system to capture the essence of the cities where the brand is present, meant working with local artists to provide the graphic differential in each case.