Interior design and visual merchandising for a minimalist-mediterranean style optician's shop.


Miller & Marc




3D Modeling
Interior design
Project management
Interior decoration



Warm, luminous tones form the basis of the design of this cozy optic.

The optics, conceived with earthy tones and textures, create a warm and welcoming environment. Earthy colors, such as soft browns and natural greens, are combined with arches that add an organic and elegant touch. The strategic introduction of greenery softens the space and promotes a sense of freshness. Warm lighting, highlighted by gold and yellow tones, contributes to a relaxing atmosphere.

The introduction of curtains with a blue shade and a velvet fabric adds a touch of elegance and comfort to the space, complementing the earthy color palette. These curtains not only add an aesthetic element, but also soften the light and contribute to the cozy atmosphere, thus creating a visually harmonious and sensorially pleasing environment.

Pantone® 804 C
C00 M31 Y51 K04

Pantone® 7401 C
C00 M05 Y16 K06

Pantone® 654 C
C32 M19 Y00 K55

Pantone® Cool Gray 1 C
C00 M00 Y00 K09

⸺ Qualitative research.

In this phase, I seek to understand the needs of the project and the client through interviews and observations. In this way, we explore and analyze the behavior and experiences that the project can offer.

⸺ Flaring

When I sketch, I seek to explore ideas, communicate visually, solve problems, design preliminarily and find inspiration.

⸺ Strategic focus.

It's time to create mood boards to visualize concepts and utilize powerful design tools. In addition, I meticulously plan the budget to achieve a space that is not only functional, but also inspirational and transformative.

⸺ Real-time 3D

Real-time 3D design, applied to interior design, allows me to quickly create and visualize three-dimensional models of spaces. This streamlines planning and decision making, allowing me to offer my clients an accurate and attractive representation of what their interior design project will look like.

⸺ Furniture design and visual merchandising.

In my approach, furniture design and visual merchandising collaborate to create an effective shopping experience. Furniture provides the foundation, and visual merchandising presents products in an appealing way. Together, they achieve a cohesive environment that attracts and guides customers, inspiring them to buy.

⸺ Project management and commercial opening.

Leading retail projects and openings is an exciting challenge that involves strategic planning, design, logistics, construction, staff training and marketing. My goal is to create a successful store that attracts customers and reflects the brand identity, driving sales and customer experience.

Integrating murals by local artists into the optical not only adds unique art, but also strengthens community ties and highlights local identity. These murals turn the optical into an ephemeral gallery, offering visitors a unique experience beyond the selection of eyewear, celebrating local creativity and creating an authentic and welcoming environment.