Architecture & Design

When I design, I look for the perfect fusion between utility and visual appeal. I do it through a planning that integrates elements, materials and colors in a strategic way, creating comfortable and original environments.

Product & Branding

I integrate product design and branding in the retail design field, thus obtaining a shopping space that not only fulfills its practical function, but also conveys the essence and values of the brand in an authentic and welcoming way.

Rendering & 3D

During my creative process, rendering and 3D modeling play a fundamental role. These tools allow me to bring projects to life in real time, which makes it easier for my clients to make decisions and enriches the conceptualization phase of spaces with a touch of creativity.


Qualitative research

In this phase, I focus on understanding the needs of the project and the client through detailed interviews and observations, which allows us to explore and analyze the behavior and experiences that the project can provide.

2. Bocetado

During the sketching process, my goal is to explore ideas, communicate visually, address problems, make preliminary designs and find inspiration.

3. Strategic approach

Now, I create mood boards to visualize concepts and use powerful design tools. I also plan the budget carefully to achieve a functional space that inspires and transforms.

Real-time 3D

Real-time 3D design in interior design allows me to quickly create and display three-dimensional models of spaces, streamlining planning and decision making, giving clients an accurate representation of their project.

5. Furniture design and visual merchandising

My approach combines furniture design and visual merchandising to create an effective shopping experience, engaging customers and inspiring them to buy.

6. Project management and commercial opening

Leading retail projects involves strategic planning, design and execution to create successful stores that attract customers and reflect brand identity.